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Sandwich Platters

A platter contains a minimum of three pieces per person. Each platter has a minimum variety of 4 sandwiches.


Tortellini with pesto, rotini pesto with grilled chicken and sundried tomato, artichoke, fruit salad, tabbouleh, thai noodles, Italian farfallee, cherry tomatoes, pesto and eggs, tomatoes and bocconcini, spring salad, tuna and bean, tuna and farfalle, lentils and rice, chick peas, Stecchino special, Caesar salad, Greek salad, palm heart, potato salad, carrot salad, beet salad, broccoli and raisins salad and finally the quinoa salad.

Options may vary everyday.

Bread and Spreads

Stecchino's Pastries

Fresh Smoothie

* More options available on request

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