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We are a proudly run family business with many years in operation. Our goal remains unchanged: offer a large variety of great food with fast and efficient service.

Our services and products: 

Our location is very important to us as it portrays our ongoing relationship with our current clients who visit us on a daily basis. The Stecchino restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Montreal, in the prestigious Sun Life Building. The majority of our clients come from our building, however with our high quality and large selection of products, this brings many patrons to our premises from neighbouring offices.

Our principal clients are employees of companies inside the SunLife building who are looking for a quick, fresh and tasty meal for breakfast or lunch. We make great strides to satisfy all our client's needs by catering to a variety of tastes from different generations, and providing diverse flavours to discriminating palates. Our experience has led us to produce a vast range of meals and snacks such as salads, soups, pizza, poutine, sandwiches, wraps etc. Our customers are always looking to get their meals rapidly. To satisfy our customers' needs, our meals are always fresh and ready-to-go.

Stecchino offers a catering service for a variety of companies. As we are located in the same building, our products are rapidly delivered with the utmost freshness and of excellent quality. We have a large selection of wide-ranging products. Our breakfast section includes continental, full-breakfast and "à la carte" muffins, croissants, chocolatines etc. For lunch, we include soups, daily specials, sandwiches, salads, fruit and vegetable plates with different varieties for each category. We also have a Fast-food section where you may have fries, hamburgers, pizza, poutine, and empanadas. To complete your meal or snack, we offer over 30 kinds of coffee, tea and cold drinks.

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